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About us

Yazan Barqawi


Terrance Ruf


Steve Danek

Applications Engineer

Dan Ritchie

Data Architect


Jürgen Giesbert

Mr. Jürgen Giesbert spent 28 years with Marriott International. Before retiring in May 2010; Jürgen was the company’s Executive vice president for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East and Africa with responsibility for 84 hotels in 11 countries, which were operated by 19,000 associates and managers and generated revenues of $ 1.5 billion. He oversaw the joint venture that incorporated 40 hotels into the Marriott portfolio, and orchestrated the $ 1.7 billion sale of this group of properties to new owners while maintaining the management contracts for Marriott.

Jürgen’s career started more in Berlin, Germany, where he received his professional education at the Hotel School Berlin and the Kempinski Hotel. He worked for the next 15-years in hospitality in South Africa, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, Mexico, and Barbados, finally joining Marriott. Mr. Giesbert was relocated to New York in 1980 and spent a decade as General Manger of Marriott’s largest and most important property, the New York Marriott Marquis.

Throughout his career, Jürgen has been committed to being a good corporate citizen and served on the board of directors of the Boy Scouts of America (New York chapter), the NYU School of Hospitality and the Executive Council of the British Hospitality Association.

Chris Myers

Mr Myers is the Managing Director of the Philadelphia Development Group, where he works exclusively with emerging growth companies. His background is as a founder and/or C-level operator of technology and new-media companies including searchbuilder.com, one of the largest SEO and SEM companies of the dotcom era. In addition, Mr. Myers has ten-years venture experience as an entrepreneur-in-residence and director of three early-stage funds. He serves on a number of boards and advisory committees for startups and is an entrepreneur in residence at the Baiada Center and teaches a course on entrepreneurship at The LeBow School of Business.

Dr. Daniel McFarland

Dr. McFarland, Dean of Rowan’s College of Business, has over a decade of industry experience and over 15 years in higher education. His industry experience includes serving in the roles of Business Analyst, Systems Engineer, and Overall Team Leader for a division of Ford Motor Company. He also served as a Lead Electrical/Software Design Engineer for the Automated Material Handling Systems Division of FMC Corporation. McFarland earned his BS in Commerce and Engineering, MBA in Operations Management, and Ph.D. in Decision Sciences: Management Information Systems from Drexel University. His research, in the area of the organizational impacts of information systems, has been published in leading academic journals and professional publications.

Angela Giampolo

Ms. Giampolo is the founder of Giampolo Wertman, LLC and has a background in both private practice and public law. She began her career at a boutique franchise firm representing business clients focused on expanding internationally. She also worked at the Governor’s Office of General Counsel, specifically within the Department of State’s Corporations Bureau and the Election Law Division. Ms. Giampolo also served the United Nations assisting the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in prosecuting the masterminds of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Ms. Giampolo’s practice focuses on international and corporate transactions, LGBT Law, real estate, and estate planning and administration. She serves on five non-profit boards and several committees advocating for LGBT equality.



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